Monday, May 14, 2007


Well here I sit at 11:02 pm on a Monday night and am no closer to moving into my new house than I was a week ago. So much for the brilliant idea of bridging and not moving out in one day. I think the more time you have to move, the less you do. Now we are getting down to the wire and if you walked into my old house, you wouldn't think it was different from any other day other than a FEW and I mean FEW boxes.

I should of thought of this from a Realtor's point of view. Who the heck moves in their busiest season. As anyone in real estate knows, the Spring market is huge !! What do I do - I decide to move. DAH !!!!!!!!!!!!!! There is something to say for October and November closings. (lol)
Now I laugh.... let me tell you, I wasn't laughing yesterday. Not only was I supposed to do the shelf paper in the kitchen cupboards, I had an offer on the go and it was above all, MOTHER'S DAY.

And did I mention, I am a mother too !!!!!!!!!!! Where is my holiday in all of this ! Not that I want a holiday, just a half hour without my Blackberry buzzing would be nice. But I guess I shouldn't complain. Business is good and the market is healthy and I lucky to have calls to answer . So on that note, I have a great listing in Whitby and another one coming up this week in Pickering, not to mention a potential one in Bowmanville. You see, I get around (ha ha)

I guess in between all this, I better get some packing done because the end of the month will be here soon and then I am in real trouble. Stay tuned for my next adventure ... blue tooth?
To get one or not to get one? What do you think? I can't tell you how many times I have said "hello" to someone who wasn't talking to me but was talking on their bluetooth and now I am considering getting one !!!

Will I or won't I?????????????? The jury is out.

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