Monday, November 7, 2016

Not all Realtors Break the Rules



Posted above is the excerpt from the recent CBC Marketplace episode which aired Friday November 4th.    Not only was I shocked to see such actions but truly disheartened.  Most of the agents I work with are true professionals and work very hard for their clients.

I personally have NEVER double ended a deal.  These agents that are depicted on this video should be penalized.  I would ask that their licence be revoked but I don't have that power !   RECO is the governing body over Realtors in Ontario.  I know that many agents are outraged and will be holding RECO to the highest standards to punish these people... it is stealing !  Plain and simple.   

I know for now we will all be painted with the same tainted brush for a while but I can assure you, there are good ethical agents out there, just as in every profession.  CBC had an agenda going in... they were aware of a small percentage of agents that were doing this and searched them out at their Open Houses.  It is not like they randomly just popped into a few Open Houses, it was methodical.  Now I am by no means discounting this behaviour whatsoever...  NEVER !

But it is one sided reporting because I can show you thousands of Realtors who watched that episode and were outraged by the picture painted by them.  Please remember in every profession, there are good and evil.   

Many of us work hard to show our worth and value and work long hours tirelessly to please our clients.  No one sees that side of it in this video, nor do they see the agents that have cleaned houses, missed their children's school plays skipped out early from social functions, painted, cut grass, moved furniture, paid for garbage removal out of their own pocket and/or missing chattels on closing. Those agents are worth their weight in gold and if you find one of those, hang to them.  We all are not the same.  

As for what went on in that video, it clearly was Toronto and not Durham Region and I am not saying it doesn't happen in Durham either but I was totally shocked by it.   Shame on those agents and they will be found out... even now, agents are recognizing voices and tattoos etc.   

As for the Buyer that lost his Dream Home, I truly apologize that this happened. The agent that double ended did not do his clients any justice by double ending it. His duty was to obtain the most money for his Seller, not himself.   Shame on him too !

So I guess I just want to say that please don't paint us all with the same brush. We are not all bad.  I do think there is a culture out there that thinks if they use the Selling Agent they are going to get a better deal !  I actually wrote a blog about this months ago... and I made it perfectly clear then, that this does not happen.  I work for the Seller !!!   You are best advised to have your own Buyer Agent WHO represents your best interest... and who is a fire cracker !  LOL... No client of mine would submit an offer and I not know if it was presented to the Seller ???... I would be parked in their driveway saying "What the hell is going on here?"   Be strong !  Pick your representation wisely !   The buyers commission comes out of the Selling price, it does't cost the Buyer a thing to have someone they TRUST in their corner... 

So as I close my rant for today, I say this ... I am embarassed by the actions of those agents in the video but I can assure you  - that is NOT THE NORM... I have heels higher than these guys standards !!!  LOL 

Keep your head up everyone, ask questions and if you want any real estate advise, reach out anytime.  You don't have to use me but I certainly answer your questions to the best of my ability based on our relationship.

As for Multiple Representation - I don't know that I can say we should have it... because how do you avoid a Brokerage with 4,000 agents, if a Selling Agent and Buyer Agent are from the same Brokerage but miles apart (may not even have met) - how can we say they shouldn't be allowed to do a deal together..  but I do think agents double ending their own deals should be put to a HALT... all these bidding wars and crazy market conditions have caused some of this... it is WIN at all costs !  So guys, let's try and remember, it is great to WIN but at what COST... YOUR REPUTATION !!

Have a great week everyone and keep your heads high and in my case, your heels higher !  Cheers !

Michelle Makos

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