Monday, May 23, 2016

Pickering Home Prices Have Doubled Since 2006

If you bought a home in Pickering in Pickering and still own it, you have just won the lottery !   Prices of homes in Pickering have doubled since 2006...

April 2006 Pickering Sold Summary

Compared to the sold stats from April same time 2016

April 2016 Pickering Sold Summary

You can see an average detached home in Pickering now sells for $772,399... which is almost double from $368,859

That is 100% return on your investment if you sold it today... so anyone that thinks real estate isn't your best investment... I think this may change your mind.

Not to mention you can live it in and not pay Capital Gains tax when you sell it if it is your principal home.   Also with interest rates at an all time low, NOW is the time to invest... who knows how much the average home in Pickering will be in another 10 years... $1.4M doesn't sound that crazy anymore.... Happy Victoria Day Weekend and celebrate your best investment... Your Home !
Cheers to that.

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