Thursday, February 9, 2017

This is the new reality in Durham Region ! Crazy or What

Ok so I have been telling everyone how the market is crazy out there and multiple offers are everywhere.  Well folks, this is the new reality.  This was last night !!!  In Whitby, a bungalow with a single car garage... listed for 549,900 and had 32 offers and sold for $900,000

When is this nonsense going to stop !   That means 31 families LOST.  31 agents left with disappointed clients.  And now what happens with the next listing in or around that street.  Is it worth $1,000,000 ... C'mon people, stop this madness.

Either agents are pricing this stuff ridiculously low or the public has gone stark raving mad !  I am sorry but that house should never have sold for 900,000...

Please be careful out there.  Don't get caught up in this nonsense.  Have the common sense to walk away !   I hate to say it but I think we are on a very slippery slope right now ... and I am starting to worry about how this will end.

Just thought I would show you the reality of my every now !  Oh and I passed my Brokers exam.  I figured after this long, I should get it done... :)   Have a great night everyone and Happy Valentines ... maybe a house is a better investment than a ring but a ring is a lot cheaper !  LOL

The divorce may cost you !  LOL... have a great night !

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