Thursday, April 7, 2016

Selling Your Home in this Market

Well we all know the market has been busy the last few months and April is no different.  This week I listed a property in North Oshawa.  A nice detached home with single car garage... for $399,900.   To give you some idea, the week prior to this listing a home exactly the same listed for $399,900 the week before and sold for $440,000.

So I hold offers from a Thursday to Tuesday.... during that time another home on the street lists for $399,900 and doesn't hold offers and has a walk out basement as well... it sells in one day for $460,000....during the weekend, I get two bully offers which I recommend to my clients not to take and to stick with the game place and let me do my thing.   They agree and said, do your thing !

Tuesday morning comes and another home on the street hits the market at $399,900 as well.   Tuesday night comes and we end up with 12 offers... I do my job and my clients end up getting $480,000 Firm.   The house that went up the same day sells that night for $360K with a bully offer.

The moral of this story is ... stick to the game plan.  Bully offers are not always the best offer you are going to get.  Hire a professional that knows how to deal with multiple offers and get your Sellers the most money possible.  In this case, my sellers were the clear winners.  They obtained the highest price on the street at $380,000     They are thrilled, as am I.

It pays to market the property properly and have it get its maximum exposure and then play on this market with confidence.  The stronger the agent, the better the outcome.

Don't settle for less than you deserve.  Hire someone who knows their market and has integrity.  They will bring value to your home.  So in less than a month, the same street had all 4 houses come out at $399,900 and one sold for $440, one for $460 and one for $450 and then OURS for $480K..... the HIGHEST AMOUNT ON THE STREET.

If you or anyone you know is thinking on selling and would like to meet and discuss the best approach to take in this market, I would love to speak with them and do an in house evaluation.   It's fast and full of market information.  Make the call - it just make make you an additional $20 to $30K and what phone call isn't worth that !

On that note, Happy Selling everyone... have a great day !

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