Friday, May 1, 2015

April has been crazy !!! May is looking to be the same.

The real estate market in April was INSANE to say the least.  Multiple offers were the norm.  Homes selling at record prices and Buyers seeing their dream homes stolen out of reach because of increased selling prices and bidding wars.

If you are considering buying or selling right now, I cannot stress the importance of finding a Realtor that is experienced and local.  You will have a better chance of maximizing your leverage with a full time experienced local agent.

Sellers should get pre-inspection reports so they can get multiple offers but FIRM without conditions.  It saves any apprehension later after the fact.  For a few hundred dollars, you can give a copy to Buyers agent so they adjust their price and conditions in a multiple offer situation.

I have had two listings this past month sell for 108% of asking price, one sold conditional on sale of Buyers property, two first buyers winning in multiples going over asking and firm, and two selling at 100% of asking price.

If you home is priced correctly, it will sell - get a proper photographer that is professional with a wide angle lens that can show the true potential of your property.  I see some many rotten photos out there.  C'mon guys, you are professional, show your value !!!   My clients are treated no different that I, myself would expect to be treated when selling the biggest investment of my life,

It comes back to you by way of referrals.   Trust me.   So with that said, if you thinking of selling or buying, do your homework... find an agent whom you can trust and work with .. who understands your needs, your wants and who will work to maximize your investing dollars !

Have a super weekend everyone !   Real Estate is booming.  Best investment you will EVER make.   Cheers !

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