Friday, December 26, 2014

Marketing Your Home For Sale

Many people think selling a house is putting a home on and that's it. You couldn't be more wrong.  Homes that receive more showings, usually sell for higher prices and even over asking.  The only way to generate that is through a professional full time Realtor who will not only put your home on but will also blast it all over the internet in various forms.  I have spent many years perfecting this and within 24 hours ~ your home will be on the front page of Google.

Keywords, meta tags, various website domains, blogs and google plus pages as well professional photographs and virtual tour along side placement on Real Estate Channel will up the exposure.

Yes for sale signs, will get sign calls and Open Houses will generate traffic but how many of those inquiries are viable leads.   People that go through Open Houses, don't even know the price and the agent doesn't even know if they have a job or a mortgage pre-approval.  The best leads are people that come through with a Realtor.

Good quality Feature Sheets are a great walk away for showings because buyers probably aren't just seeing your home and this way, they have something that showcases your house with links to websites and photos that will bring them back to their visit.

Selling your house can be a dreaded experience or it can be fun and quick with the right agent showing you the way.   Don't necessarily think that the cheapest agent is the best agent.   Your home is your biggest investment ~ invest in a proper agent that will represent your BEST interests and work to negotiate and maximize your equity.

If you are looking for a home evaluation, please let me meet you and show you what I can do for you.   The majority of Buyers are on the internet now, my sites are all Buyer friendly.   You will always be able to reach me and you will always be my first priority.   I treat my clients the same way I want to be treated.

So if you are thinking on selling, give me a call.  It may be your biggest investment yet.  Looking forward to hearing from you !  

And all the very best for a happy and prosperous 2015, whether you are moving or staying put.   Real Estate is my passion and also the biggest investment you can make ~ in your life and in your future.

Cheers to you ~

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