Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Rightsizing Your Home

Is Rightsizing Right For You?

Over our lifetimes, we may change homes many times for

many reasons. When the move is to a larger, more spacious

home, weʼre conditioned to feel a sense pride and

accomplishment. When the move is to a smaller living space,

however, the decision can seem much harder to make.

The truth is choosing to downsize presents a real opportunity.

Itʼs actually a chance to right size and gives you a signed

permission slip to begin the hunt for a new home that offers

you the lifestyle that youʼve been dreaming of.

Think of these scenarios.

With a baby on the way, a The Petersonsʼ decide to move into

a smaller apartment and give up the rental home theyʼve been

sharing with friends since college. It may be a cozy one, but

having their own space to raise a new family provides them

with a chance to build memories once baby makes three.

After landing a new role that requires frequent travel, Sara

Smythe opts to make a switch from a suburban townhouse to a

small city condo with airport access so itʼs easy to pack up and

go. Sheʼll be a short taxi away from her girlfriends when she is

back in town though who wants to leave that indoor pool and


Finally, as empty nesters, The McDonaldsʼ decide they no

longer need so many extra bedrooms to keep tidy or so much

lawn to mow. They choose to move into a fully maintained

community where they can own a 2 bedroom bungalow with

less upkeep. Theyʼre able spend time exploring interests and

playing grandkids instead of managing household chores.

Though itʼs easy to highlight the bright side in these scenarios,

In your own life this might be a situation wrought with emotion

and so many questions: What will life be like with far less

space? What will we do with all our STUFF? What will the

extended family think?

All of these uncertainties can be resolved with the help of a

realtor whose mission is to help you choose a new home

based on the lifestyle you want (like less yard maintenance

and more budget for travel). A great realtor will also help you to

plan for your new space or recommend help from within their

trusted professional network of organizers, storage providers,

interior decorators and more.

Remember, rightsizing is about transitioning into a home that is

right for YOU, right now. Being free to live the lifestyle that you

want is so full of possibility and thatʼs always a good thing.

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